Pilot Projects – Kpalimé, Togo

Pilot Project is Complete & Solar is Changing Lives in Togo. Help SunPower Afrique raise $5,000 for this summer's one - year anniversary project! 3 more installations for FECECAV's rural offices! Donate Today.

SunPower Afrique has chosen Togo, West Africa as the first nation in which to implement services. With its proximity to the equator, relative political stability and small size, Togo is uniquely positioned to not only take advantage of solar power to improve current conditions, but to become a leader in the continent’s growing solar industry and economy.

Currently, Togo’s energy infrastructure does not meet the demands of a growing population, and existing fuel shortages and underdeveloped infrastructure make solar power a competitive alternative to gasoline powered-powered generators.

   Click here for more info on the benefits of solar in Togo.

With solar energy and microfinance working in tandem, SunPower Afrique hopes to resolve the gap between supply and demand of energy in West Africa in a manner that is renewable, sustainable and possible.

As David Bornstein notes in his book, How to Change the World, “The notion that institutions can establish reliable, long-term credit relationships with poor people across the world is no longer radical.  It has been proven.  And if it works with houses and cell phones, it can work with solar panels, or any other productive assets.”


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